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Are you having problems getting your kids to eat their veggies?

It’s a common problem in many households and finding the right solution can seem just about impossible. What’s the solution? This site provides many tasty recipes that include pureed vegetables. It’s a “stealth” way to get kids to eat their vegetables.

It all starts with determining why most kids don’t like veggies. One of the biggest problems is that due to many of today’s foods being highly processed. This has resulted in cravings for foods that are high in ingredients such as salt, sugar, and fat. At first, it might seem impossible for fresh veggies to complete with sugary cereal, salty chips, and fried foods.

Another main issue has to do less with the taste of the foods and more about the huge advertising budgets of the corporations that make the pre-packaged food that’s advertised on Internet, TV, and radio. As was pointed out in the movie “Supersize Me” it’s very tough for the fruit and veggie industry to compete with the big advertising budgets of fast food restaurants, soft drink, and snack companies, etc. Not only that but the memorable characters in the ads makes it even tougher for parents to get their kids to eat healthy food.


How you can get your kids to eat more vegetables?

You already know that they’re healthy and low in calories. However, it’s usually not enough just to try to convince your children to eat veggies because they’re healthy. You know that your kids should eat veggies but it’s difficult sometimes to convince them to take that action.

Scientists explain that kids’ disdain for vegetables is in part based on science. For example, there are many sour/bitter substances that are actually poisonous. However, there are few sweet-tasting foods that are also as such.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago our ancestors were more likely to get sick eating bitter/sour foods than eating sweet foods. In fact, if they ate the latter they’d be more likely to survive. In other words, eating sweet foods was a way that people survived. Not only that but obesity wasn’t a problem. However, today sweet foods are great to blame for the obesity epidemic that is occurring throughout the world.

So in a sense when kids don’t want to eat veggies it’s because they’re unfamiliar with the tastes so it’s natural for them to hesitate to eat foods that are bitter/sour instead of sweet tastes. Kids who were breastfed might be more willing to eat veggies. The reason is that the milk differed on a daily basis because it was based on whatever foods the mother ate. Because they’re used to different tastes they’ll be more willing to try new foods including veggies. On the other hand, it might be tougher to get bottle-fed kids to try new veggies because they were accustomed to milk that tasted the same each time.

The goal is to try and convince your kids to eat their veggies. One way is to use logic so they’ll see how healthy it is to eat veggies, and maybe even believe they’re tasty. It might take a dozen times until your kids are convinced that they should eat veggies. However, the entire process can be tough.

Another method you can try is for your kids to see you eating the veggies and observing that they’re delicious. If your kids see that they’ll likely become curious and might be more willing to try the veggies. If you think it’s delicious then there’s a chance they might have the same conclusion.

Since kids already are more prone to enjoy sweet foods it’s a good idea to start out with sweeter veggies like carrots or peas. You might want to wait for more bitter veggies such as asparagus or spinach for later. That’s because they’ll be more prone to try out the vegetables then.

Another option is to ask your kids if they’d like the veggies prepared a certain way. That could include with grated cheese or a seasoning. It goes without saying that there should be limits on what they request. The goal is to boost the taste of the veggies without making them overly unhealthy.

Delicious recipes

That brings us to the focus of this site. It involves making delicious recipes that your children enjoy. However, it’s a “stealth” method because it involves adding vegetable puree to the dish so they won’t realize that they’re getting their veggies with the meal.

There are several benefits of this option. One of the main ones is that they’re 100% vegetable substitutes. So you won’t have to worry about the foods containing unhealthy ingredients that would defeat the purpose of preparing the purees in the first place. Speaking of which all you need is a food processor to prepare the purees.

Another great feature is that they improve the aesthetics of foods. They can help to add more color and even texture to your kids’ favorite dishes. This is an added plus because it can also help them to eat other dishes that they normally wouldn’t because they think it isn’t delicious.

Yet another key feature of this option is that it’s a “stealth” one that can help your kids to gradually start enjoying veggies. You can add the pureed vegetables to just about any recipe to make it more delicious. That, in turn, will help to increase your kids’ appreciation for vegetables.


Within time you could move from pureed vegetables to non-pureed ones. However, it might take some time for your kids to get used to eating veggies even if they don’t know that they are. The number of options is almost unlimited in terms of the types of veggies you can puree and the number of recipes you can add them to.

That’s what this site is all about. We want to provide you with a basically unlimited number of recipes you can use that are already tasty. We’re even going to show you different ways to cook food, such as using a sous vide cooker from SousVideWizard.com, to make unique foods through sous vide cooking. That’s important because if your kids don’t like the original recipe they probably won’t like it with pureed veggies.

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