Candy Kabobs for Any Occasion

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There are very few gifts that are perfect for just about anyone and any occasion. It’s hard to find a present that can be a Christmas gift, a goody in an Easter basket, a birthday party favor, a treat at Halloween, and will make happy a child or an adult. But, when you make candy kabobs you’ll find they fill the bill no matter what the occasion.

There are lots of different things you can use to make candy kabobs, but to make any of them, you’ll need wooden skewers. Begin making the kabobs by sliding on the foods you want. Many candies are individually wrapped which is not the best look for the candy kabobs. Instead, remove the candies from their wrappers and then slide them onto the sticks. When finished, you can wrap the kabobs to keep them fresh.

You’ll find that some foods are much more ideal than others when it comes to sliding them on the skewers. For example, marshmallows are a delicious addition to the kabobs but don’t slide easily. Spraying the skewer with non-stick cooking spray can help. Be sure you leave part of the stick clean as this will serve as the handle for the kabob. Also, foods that don’t slide easily should be reserved for the top part of the skewer.

Some of the foods you can use to make the candy kabobs include Snickers, Milky Way, Three Musketeers, Peppermint Patties, Rice Krispie treats, gummy candies, cereal rings, dried fruits, caramels, specialty holiday candy, candy necklaces or bracelets, licorice stick sections, soft cookies, pieces of cakes or brownies and even fudge. Some foods that don’t work well are chocolates with nuts, candy bars with crunchy or cookie centers and M M;’s.

Combine various candies and other goodies to make each kabob or just slide several mini candy bars or other foods to make a kabob that has all the same treats on it. Make unique designs by sliding on a candy, then a stack of cereal rings, and do this several times. Come up with other pleasing arrangements or just randomly slide various foods onto the sticks. When you’re finished wrap each candy kabob in a piece of clear or colored plastic wrap. Tie a bow around the bottom of the stick to gift.

The unique kabobs are perfect for parties, holidays, special occasions or just to gift to a friend in the hospital. There’s no one who doesn’t like the kabobs – you can even make sugar-free versions for diabetic friends! Now, no matter what the occasion, you know exactly what to give. It’s a treat that will be well-remembered by the recipient!

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