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Running: Trails, Tracks, and Treadmills





Many people consider running as their main cardiovascular exercise, but there are a variety of different ways to run. This article will focus on the differences and similarities between running in different places.

Outdoors: Running On Natural Trails

Running outdoors comes with a lot of benefits, but there are a few challenges as well. The weather can change drastically, so runners need to keep their attire appropriate to make sure they are comfortable throughout the run. For example, those who live in colder areas will go to athletic stores looking for windbreakers and ways to layer clothing. Those who live in rainy weather will walk in asking, “Are nobull shoes waterproof?” If the weather gets too hot, it may not be a good idea to go running, or you might need to carry a frozen water bottle to help you cool off if your body gets overheated.

Besides the weather, different terrain changes the way you run. For example, if you’re running on soft grass, the experience is entirely different than running on the dry trails of hardened soil, or on stone. Inclines and declines in the terrain are another challenge that you have little control over when you’re outdoors.

Running Tracks

Whether you’re running indoors or outdoors, a man made track is a uniform terrain with very few surprises. The tracks may be in the shade to keep the sun away from you, or you might be in a gymnasium where the entire area is air conditioned. However, it might get boring running laps around yourself without the relaxing views and fresh air that a natural trail would provide.

Treadmills: Advancing Technology

As they have been around for quite some time, treadmills have undergone a few advances in technology. One of the most obvious advantages of running on a treadmill is that there is no need to be concerned with the weather. However, many people claim that treadmills are too hard on their knees and medical professionals do not recommend using a treadmill for people who have any knee problems.

Treadmills used to be limited to allowing flat terrain only, but newer (high end) models have also added the option to add an incline in order to make the workout more intense. Nowadays most standard treadmills will include a speed setting, and might even include programs that alternate high and low speed for a more aerobic workout. Lastly, there is some risk of injury with treadmills if they are used improperly. Although most have a safety “off” feature, many people do not follow the manufacturer’s instructions and end up in the emergency room because they didn’t use the treadmill properly.

Regardless of your choice when it comes to where or how you run, there are many benefits to this particular exercise. Namely, it is an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular health, mood, and it is also a proven method of weight loss. For more permanent weight loss, combine running with some form of weight lifting, as well as clean eating.

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