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10 Best Kitchen Remodel Ideas 2021



Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Who said a kitchen remodel is expensive?

Deceptively Delicious believe that to completely transform your kitchen, you don’t need to save money.

Do not you believe it? Look at the photos of these kitchens before and after the remodel, and you will see that all you need to have a perfect result is a little patience and fantasy.

1. Paint the wooden facades in a more reserved color


The gray paint, which was used to paint the facades of the kitchen, turned these common “grandmother’s” furniture into more modern and stylish ones.

2. Use two contrasting colors

Swapping the top row of furniture for open shelves and painting the walls and furniture in a “marine” range requires minimal effort, yet completely change a dull and lifeless interior.

3. Make furniture and tiles the same color

Renovated facades using white paint and tiles of the same color not only make the kitchen look brighter but also make it more spacious.

4. Add contrast and color

The trick to this kitchen is not only in the harmonious color scheme but also in the makeshift window, which adds more light and warmth to this small space.

See here how to do this amazing transformation.

5. Accentuate work areas

Wood surfaces in work areas look great with a white background. Together with other accessories, they do not let the kitchen become a sterile and lifeless space.

6. Change the bright colors for reserved ones

The same white paint instead of orange and the open-top cabinets turn a dated kitchen into a totally modern space.

7. Free up space

The white top and dark bottom are all it takes to turn a boring kitchen into one that looks like it came out of the pages of a magazine.

Here you will know what were the changes that they made to this kitchen.

8. Give the interior a strict look

If you take a good look at the “before” and “after” photos, it becomes clear that the furniture in this kitchen is the same. But it feels like space has undergone radical changes, all thanks to the fact that the facades and walls were painted in contrasting colors and a couple of colorful accessories were added.

9. Give old furniture a second chance

Even the oldest interior can have a second life. The important thing is to choose a range of suitable colors and accessories.

In this article, you will know how to revive even furniture that seems to be in short supply.

10. Paint the walls a single color

They look like two different kitchens. But in reality, the furniture has not changed, they just painted everything.

Pictures credit: wl-genial

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How to Take Care of Countertops





Would you like to have your kitchen as the first day for years? No, it is not a dream. Having your kitchen like new is very easy if you follow these 10 tricks to take care of your countertop. The future of your kitchen is in your hands!

The countertop is one of the most used parts on a day-to-day basis and is exposed to continuous actions that can deteriorate it, so taking care of your countertop is essential. A correct choice of the material from which our countertop is made is a key point in its maintenance.

Choice of countertop

There are many options that we have today for our kitchen countertops, but your choice depends on whether you have to change it in 2 years or many more.

We bet on the best for your kitchen, where quality, safety, and design are the main points on your kitchen countertop.

When choosing a countertop for your kitchen, reason, and emotion have to go hand in hand, since it is so important that the countertop be able to last 20 years in perfect condition, as that in 20 years you will still be in love with it. A sure hit? The Silestone Helix model in the image.

Tricks to take care of your countertop and make it look like the first day



And, if in addition to making a perfect choice, do we take care of our countertop in a few small steps? The result is to enjoy the kitchen of your dreams for many years.

1. Daily cleaning, easy and fast!

A thorough cleaning of the countertop is not necessary, but keeping it clean will help keep it in perfect condition over the years.

2. Dry and shiny, so yeah!

Drying it after cleaning contributes to its maintenance, lengthens its optimal state and, in addition, we prevent watermarks from leaving any streaks on the surface.

3. If we have a stain, let’s go for it!

If we remove the stains when they have been in a short time, we avoid that grease can become embedded in our countertop and that the material can become contaminated and deteriorate.

4. Avoid extreme heat sources

Using protectors when we place very hot pans is a small action that our countertop will thank us for.

5. Say yes to cutting boards

Cutting into the countertop may seem like a good idea to us, but even if the material is scratch-resistant, continued use can cause erosion of the countertop.

6. Use products that are not aggressive for daily cleaning.

The granite or quartz from which Silestone, Sensa, or Dekton countertops are made, are very resistant materials, but the continuous use of very strong degreasers can end up damaging the countertop. The same happens with steel, we will have to choose cleaners for this material.



7- Avoid the use of bleaches or chlorine disinfectants.

Bleach is a product that, used continuously, can damage our countertop. In the case of specific cleaning, it is important to rinse afterward with water to minimize the aggressiveness of this cleaner.

8. Beware of chemicals.

If we use ammonia it is very important not to mix it with chlorine because it can damage the material and, also, give off very harmful gases.

9- Do not polish our countertop!

The materials are manufactured in such a way that they have protection against stains and heat and, if we polish it, we will lose that layer on the countertop.

10. Clean in circles, said by the experts!

Brands such as Silestone, recommend cleaning stains by making circles, as it helps the material suffer less from friction.

These are just a few tricks to take care of your kitchen countertop, and you don’t just have to make the right choice in the materials. This decision, although complicated, is very important. Request your budget, we will make your kitchen like one of your dreams.

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