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10 Best Kitchen Remodel Ideas 2021



Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Who said a kitchen remodel is expensive?

Deceptively Delicious believe that to completely transform your kitchen, you don’t need to save money.

Do not you believe it? Look at the photos of these kitchens before and after the remodel, and you will see that all you need to have a perfect result is a little patience and fantasy.

1. Paint the wooden facades in a more reserved color


The gray paint, which was used to paint the facades of the kitchen, turned these common “grandmother’s” furniture into more modern and stylish ones.

2. Use two contrasting colors

Swapping the top row of furniture for open shelves and painting the walls and furniture in a “marine” range requires minimal effort, yet completely change a dull and lifeless interior.

3. Make furniture and tiles the same color

Renovated facades using white paint and tiles of the same color not only make the kitchen look brighter but also make it more spacious.

4. Add contrast and color

The trick to this kitchen is not only in the harmonious color scheme but also in the makeshift window, which adds more light and warmth to this small space.

See here how to do this amazing transformation.

5. Accentuate work areas

Wood surfaces in work areas look great with a white background. Together with other accessories, they do not let the kitchen become a sterile and lifeless space.

6. Change the bright colors for reserved ones

The same white paint instead of orange and the open-top cabinets turn a dated kitchen into a totally modern space.

7. Free up space

The white top and dark bottom are all it takes to turn a boring kitchen into one that looks like it came out of the pages of a magazine.

Here you will know what were the changes that they made to this kitchen.

8. Give the interior a strict look

If you take a good look at the “before” and “after” photos, it becomes clear that the furniture in this kitchen is the same. But it feels like space has undergone radical changes, all thanks to the fact that the facades and walls were painted in contrasting colors and a couple of colorful accessories were added.

9. Give old furniture a second chance

Even the oldest interior can have a second life. The important thing is to choose a range of suitable colors and accessories.

In this article, you will know how to revive even furniture that seems to be in short supply.

10. Paint the walls a single color

They look like two different kitchens. But in reality, the furniture has not changed, they just painted everything.

Pictures credit: wl-genial

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