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Lawn care in winter: this is how your lawn gets through the winter healthy!



Lawn care in winter

Lawn care in winter

Lovely! Such a beautiful lawn! Your green garden carpet will only grow strong and dense if you look after it properly. And lawn care takes place all year round. In the following, we will show you which tasks you have to face in winter. We also provide you with numerous tips and tricks on how you can get the most out of your lawn.

In order to understand a contribution like this to lawn care in winter, one question is of particular importance:

When does winter start and end in the garden?

The answer to this question is by no means easy to answer. Because in our latitudes the seasons gradually creep into the garden. While in the northern hemisphere of our earth

  • Meteorologists with 1 March, 1 June, 1 September and 1 December each a meteorological
  • and astronomers with March 21 (the equinox in spring), June 21 (summer solstice), September 21 (autumn equinox) and December 21 (winter solstice) each a meteorological or calendar, one tied to a certain astronomical constellation

Knowing the beginning of the season, farmers, foresters and gardeners have no exact dates for the beginning of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Rather, they are guided by the course of nature: and the germination, drifting, growth, blooming and withering, the ripening of fruits and the generation happen according to the so-called phonological seasons.

They are based on the fact that certain stages of development of typical plants, so-called pointer plants, appear: for example, blossoming. This moment can vary – from year to year, from region to region, from plant location to plant location. This is completely natural and happens in the eternal cycle of nature. It should be clear to everyone that climate change is already causing changes here and will cause even more.

From the point of view of farmers, foresters and gardeners, there is, therefore, more than the familiar four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. They differentiate the course of the year into ten seasons:

  • winter
  • Early spring – first spring – full spring
  • Early summer – midsummer – late summer
  • Early fall – full fall – late fall

Signs of the beginning of winter are, for example, the emergence of winter cereals and the needling of the larch trees. When the hazelnut blossoms, winter ends.

For our contribution to lawn care in winter, we, therefore, consider what you have to do in the phonological late autumn, winter and early spring because this roughly corresponds to the general understanding of winter. Strictly speaking, we are informing you here about lawn care before winter, lawn care in winter and lawn care after winter.

Winter lawn care – your to-do list

Our to-do list for lawn care in winter starts in late autumn, includes winter and ends in early spring. You have to do that!

Mend lawn damage or create new lawn sections

Late autumn is a good time to whip up a lawn that has been heavily used by both wind and weather and you during the gardening season. Damaged lawn sections can now be repaired or, if necessary, re-laid because the garden soil has still retained the warmth of the summer and autumn sun so that the grasses germinate.

Providing the lawn with nutrients

Before the first frost, your lawn will also benefit from an autumn dose of fertilizer. It should provide less growth-promoting nitrogen than in summer, but it should contain a lot of potassium, which increases the salt content in the cell sap of the grass. This strengthens your lawn for frosty times (frost protection) and disease.

Our tip: Just ask your specialist dealer about autumn fertilizer for your lawn!

Sweep leaves from the lawn

The beginning of early winter brings a lot of work for you as a lawn keeper and lawn care provider: Depending on the location of your lawn, leaves accumulate on it that have fallen from surrounding trees or blown in by stormy autumn winds. Small twigs and tree fruits can also be found in the foliage carpet. If it were left lying around for winter, a microclimate would form underneath that would provide a good breeding ground for microbes and fungi – and could damage your lawn. For you, this means: Sweep the leaves thoroughly from the lawn so that it gets enough oxygen and does not rot.

Our tip: You don’t know what to do with the leaves? This is good, for example, between shrubs and under garden hedges to cover the ground. The leaves also protect plant roots from frost on beds. Or you can compost it.

Demoss lawn

If you have noticed while sweeping the lawn that a lot of moss has settled on the ground between the blades of grass or that so-called lawn thatch has formed, that should also be removed before winter.

Our tip: Properly scarify your lawn by driving the scarified with a knife depth of no more than 0.3 cm, first lengthways and then across the lawn.

Bring lawn to winter height

If the temperatures drop below ten degrees Celsius (° C), your lawn stops its metabolism and goes into its well-deserved rest phase. A look at the outdoor thermometer will tell you exactly that it is now time for the last cut of the lawn to bring the lawn to the right height for wintering. This is around four to five centimeters (cm) and will help your lawn survive the winter healthily.

Our tip: A lawn that is too high in winter would mean that the grass could tip and/or kink under a load of snow in winter and as a result lie flat on the ground and rot. On the other hand, if you mow the lawn too short, the ground will freeze more, which could damage the roots.

Winter rest: Avoid walking on the lawn in winter

When winter has arrived in your garden, your lawn is hibernating. As long as frost or even snow covers your lawn extensively, you should not step on your lawn. Because you could break off individual blades of grass so that they die off. You could still distinguish the “patches of the lawn” that occur when regrowth well into the gardening season from the lawn that got through the winter.

The lawn is not a gathering place for snow

If you are sweeping snow in the garden, do not store any snow that may have been removed from the patio roof, terrace or paths on the lawn! The extra snow would compact the already lying snow cover, which would excessively increase the snow load for the lawn below. A large amount of snow would take longer to thaw and the grasses underneath would not get enough oxygen and light. Diseases such as so-called snow mold and gaps in the lawn threatened because the grass would turn yellow and eventually die.

Fertilizer for lawns worn out in winter

As soon as the first grasses on your lawn begin to grow, you can fertilize the lawn. Because after the long winter he is drained and hungry for nutrients. If either reseeding or re-sowing is required, it is best to use commercially available starter fertilizers with a lot of phosphorus.

Would you like to know more about lawns and lawn care? Then take a look at our articles on the topic:

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Wedding Day Planning Tips to Make the Occasion a Success





Did you know that couples and wedding planners spend 200 to 300 hours preparing for the wedding? Depending on the size, location, and dreams of your wedding, there are many things to take care of.

If you are getting married soon or want to help a friend prepare for theirs, there are certain steps you should follow. Continue reading to discover some of the best wedding day planning tips and tricks that will make your day magical!

Make a Plan

The first step to wedding day planning is identifying what you want and how you will get it.

You can set goals and plans for your wedding at this point to start getting the ball rolling. Keep in mind that your goals and plan should be realistic and achievable. You should start looking at the prices of venues you are considering to determine if you can afford that option or if you need to go another route.

Think about where you want the wedding to be, who you want there, and how you picture the ceremony and reception going. It is okay if some of the details are vague at this point.

Set a Budget

Once you have a plan being developed you can start thinking about your budget and prepare financially.

Take a look at your income and the extra money that you and your significant other have each month. Determine how much money you want to put towards wedding expenses and do your best to stick with your money-saving goals.

You shouldn’t be putting all of your savings and disposable income towards the wedding. Otherwise, you could be unprepared for accidents or job loss. Always make sure that you leave some cushion so that you don’t go broke.

Consider Your Wedding Day Meal Plan

Have you started thinking about cocktail hour snacks, dinner, and wedding cake options?

The wedding day meal plan is an important step of planning that you must take some time to organize. By working with vendors you can create a menu that is unique to your tastes and will satisfy guests.

Many people are getting wedding cupcakes towers instead of cakes because they are easier to distribute and are fun to eat. You should also think about those with limited diets, including a vegetarian option might be a good idea.

Keep Your Guest List Light

If you want to know how to plan a wedding day that isn’t swamped with people, keep your guest list light.

The smaller the guest list, the easier it will be to accommodate everyone’s needs. Having fewer guests attending the wedding will also save you money in the long run.

Think about family members and friends that you definitely want at the wedding. If you have someone on the list that you haven’t spoken to in years, consider leaving them off the list and sending them a note. A smaller wedding is often more intimate and casual.

Ask for Professional Help

No matter what point you are at in the wedding planning process, there is always someone that you can ask for help from.

Professional wedding planners, vendors, and stylists are at your disposal waiting to help you with any issues that come up. Getting professional help can save you time and money, it can also prevent frustration when dealing with all of the details.

Wedding professionals often have inside connections and resources that they are willing to share. These resources can resolve issues that you didn’t think you could overcome and you don’t have to worry about managing everything.

Notify Guests With Plenty of Time

When it comes to wedding planning, you will want to ensure that you give your guests enough notice of the wedding.

Guests may have to take off work or find a babysitter for your wedding. The sooner you can get your wedding day details out, the sooner you can find out how many people will be attending.

Waiting until the last minute to notify guests of the wedding could put you in a situation where you overspend and overcompensate. Be prepared for guests to decline the invite, even with notification in advance.

Determine If Kids Are Welcome

If you want to save money and make things go smoothly at your wedding, you will need to determine if kids are allowed.

Most people recommend allowing kids to the ceremony and not the reception. Reception parties can get crazy and be overwhelming when kids are running all over the place. If you want to save money, notify guests that only adults are welcome.

This is becoming a common trend with weddings because there are fewer details to consider. Without kids at the wedding, you won’t have to ensure they are kept busy with toys and games or that they like the food options.

Be In the Moment

When planning a wedding, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the tiny details.

Being in the moment can help keep you level-headed and appreciating each step of the way. Losing yourself in wedding planning can lead to disappointment if things don’t go exactly how you planned. Instead of letting the small things get to you, take a deep breath and remember the love you have for your fiance.

Don’t be afraid to take time away from everyone to relax and unwind. This will make the memory of your wedding much happier and not as exhausting.

Crush Your Wedding Day Planning

There are many steps to consider when dealing with wedding day planning.

By utilizing this guide, you can stay on track with planning and always be prepared for the next steps. These tips can help you take care of the most important factors that guests and you will notice on the big day.

Don’t forget to take time for yourself and be in the moment. This will make the memory of your wedding much happier.

Be sure to check out the rest of our blog for more articles about how to plan a wedding day and incorporate delicious foods!

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11 happy birthday ideas – how you can celebrate happy birthday even in times of corona



happy birthday Ideas

happy birthday Ideas

Photo by Glenn Han on Unsplash

Having a birthday in the current situation is – stupid. Not only do you generally feel a little insecure, things that you normally do to celebrate a new year of life fall flat. The dinner with the family, the party with friends, even the hugs and the birthday serenade in the office. BUT it will definitely be a birthday that you won’t forget anytime soon. And where you can see what is really important. How can you make your day really nice anyway? We have 11 ideas:

1. Bake yourself a cake

No matter how good you can bake, the night before your birthday you should do your best for yourself. Find the most delicious cake recipe, take your time baking and decorate it profusely. After all, you (hopefully) only celebrate once in isolation! And psst – so you have enough sweets in the house for at least three days!

2. Cook your absolute favorite food

Similar to the cake, you should of course not mess around with food. Roast a steak, bake pancakes, deep-fry french fries – whatever you like best is on your plate today.

3. Or order from your favorite restaurant

For those whom cooking is really no fun on their own birthday – find out which favorite restaurants still deliver or order an extra cheesy pizza home.

4. Turn on the music and dance!

Partying is not possible at first. At least not with other people, but that doesn’t mean you have to do without dancing. The good thing about the living room disco: you are the DJ and only your favorite music is playing all the time.

5. Do a video call with all of your loved ones

Of course, it’s a shame not to be able to see and cuddle your loved ones in person. Nevertheless, you don’t have to go without an evening together: you can bring your parents, siblings or friends home via video call. This can of course be done via Facetime or Whatsapp video, but if the group gets bigger, Zoom is recommended! Here people can connect without creating an account.

6. Drink the good wine that you always save

I mean – what are you waiting for? It’s your birthday today! So open the expensive champagne, the wine for special moments and enjoy every sip!

7. Have gifts placed in front of your door

Of course, gifts are not the most important thing, but of course they make a birthday a little more beautiful. Your family and friends can send the little gifts home by post, or they can leave them on your doorstep. And you can unpack together via video call!

8. Have a large bouquet delivered to you.

If you are not super spontaneous, you can order a bouquet for your birthday. Just check out which flower shops in your area may have just switched to delivery!

9. Put on a nice outfit

You’re the star of the day after all! So dress up. By the way: since you don’t go out anyway, you can finally wear a summer dress or shorts on your birthday. Ha!

10. Decorate your apartment

The happy birthday banner, the colorful candles, the confetti: rummage out what else you can find in the decoration and transform your apartment into a birthday wonderland.

11. Plan a catch-up party

At some point, the isolation will be over and there will be enough reasons to celebrate. So get all your guests on board and arrange to meet for a party after Corona. And you just celebrate your birthday with us!

Find more information here:

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Top 10 wooden garages: which garage should it be for your car?



wooden garages

wooden garages

The cold and wet weather has already made itself comfortable in our latitudes and will not say goodbye soon. It brings with it dirt, frozen windows and much more. You don’t feel like doing that this year? We can understand that very well! That is why today we are introducing our top 10 wooden garages for your vehicle. Maybe there is the right model for you! We hope you enjoy browsing.

Dillon wooden garage

The wooden garage Dillon by Lasita Maja not only protects your vehicle, but is also a real eye-catcher. Due to its design, one could think at first glance that it is a chic garden house. However, the wooden garage not only looks good, it is also ideally designed to protect your car. Your optimal size guarantees enough. In addition, there is a second entrance door on the side of the wooden garage, which can be used wonderfully as an exit and entrance to your house.

Profile of variant one

  • Size: 340 x 580 cm
  • Material: spruce wood

Special features

  • The appropriate roofing felt is already included in the scope of delivery
  • Log planks made of solid spruce wood

Double garage model D-70 ISO

Are you looking for a wooden garage with more space? No problem for us. The double garage model D-70 from Alpholz made of 70 mm thick wooden planks offers enough space for two large vehicles and the associated accessories. Inside the garage, the height of the roof structure and the windows give the feeling of a beautiful large room. Due to this size and brightness, the wooden garage is also suitable as an event location when celebrations are pending.

Profile of variant one

  • Size: 595 x 530 cm
  • Material: spruce wood

Special features

  • Including internal threaded rods as storm protection
  • Reversed assembly is possible

Wooden garage with carport 44 ISO

A wooden garage, a carport, or maybe both? Are you still not sure which of the two it should be? Then we have a suggested solution for you here, the wooden garage with carport 44 ISO. It offers you two parking spaces for your car, one in the spacious wooden garage and right next to it under the matching carport. The many windows make the garage very bright and complement the open design of the wooden garage combination.

Profile of variant one

  • Size: 685 x 575 cm
  • Material: spruce wood

Special features

  • Including ventilation grille set for better air circulation in the wooden garage
  • Windows and doors can also be mounted on the outside wall

Log garage 28 mm with gable roof

The compact log garage 28 mm with a gable roof from Karibu is perfect for small properties. With its three meters wide and five meters long, it can be perfectly positioned in small driveways and offers protection and space for a car, a motorcycle or your garden tools.

Profile of variant one

  • Size: 297 x 447 cm
  • Material: spruce wood

Special features

  • Classic design with a gable roof
  • Double-wing garage door including security robbery

Wooden garage with flat roof model C-44 ISO

This modern wooden garage model C-44 ISO from Alpholz offers a slightly different design. With the modern flat roof, the stylish windows and door elements as well as the wooden elements, the garage looks like a pleasant mixture of classic and modern. It has enough space for your vehicle and the appropriate accessories.

Profile of variant one

  • Size: 380 x 568 cm
  • Material: spruce wood

Special features

  • Modern design
  • The wooden garage includes storm protection

Rasmus wooden garage

The Rasmus wooden garage with the flat roof by Palmako is similar to the model just presented. In addition to its modern design, the wooden garage offers a large floor area of ​​19.9 m². Thanks to this large number of square meters, there is still enough space in the garage for other things that need to be protected from wind and weather despite the car. Another possibility to use the remaining space would be a small workbench corner or a small fitness studio.

Profile of variant one

  • Size: 598 x 410 cm
  • Material: spruce wood

Special features

  • A large area that can also be used as a hobby room
  • High-quality material

Wooden garage model A-44 ISO

Do you like things tidy and would you like a garage for your car? How about this classic model with hinged doors from the Alpholz brand? The strength of the wooden garage model A-44 ISO is its width. With a width of almost 4 meters, you can park and get out in a relaxed manner. The garage can also impress with its brightness. The large double window and the door equipped with windows ensure a nicely lit room.

Profile of variant one

  • Size: 380 x 568 cm
  • Material: spruce wood

Special features

  • Large double window with aluminum water bar
  • Glazing of doors and windows made of insulating glass

Double garage with carport model Falun-44

The Falun-44-ISO model from Alpholz offers a slightly different structure. This wooden garage with a carport offers space for a total of four cars plus accessories. Two cars can be accommodated in the garage and two under the carport integrated in front of the garage. The classic, rustic design of the wooden garage with a carport is also very appealing and gives your property that certain something.

Profile of variant one

  • Size: 595 x 1076 cm
  • Material: spruce wood

Special features

  • High quality, for example with the gates, these are equipped with high quality embedded door hinges
  • Solid wood roof made of tongue and groove boards

Double garage model D

With the wooden garage model D by Tene Kaubandus, we would like to present you again a classic model of a double garage with a gable roof. The wooden garage offers enough space for two vehicles and the appropriate accessories. Due to the length of the garage, other objects, such as a lawnmower or the like, can also be accommodated in the garage and thus protected from the weather.

Profile of variant one

  • Size: 649 x 565 cm
  • Material: spruce wood

Special features

  • Glazing of doors and windows made of real glass
  • high-quality single door with glued wood frame

Special: robot lawn mower garage 367

The company WEKA has come up with a slightly different wooden garage. With its wooden garage 367, with an area of ​​0.3 m², there is no space for a car, but for your robot lawnmower. This is perfectly protected from the cold season in the wooden garage and in summer your little helper has a permanent place in the garden.

Profile of variant one

  • Size: 80 x 87 cm
  • Material: spruce wood

Special features

  • Easy access to the robotic lawnmower via a removable roof
  • The wooden garage is delivered including bitumen roof shingles (anthracite)

More on the subject:

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