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What paintings should be in the house according to Feng Shui?



Paintings in a home, in the majority of people’s minds, are a decorative element. However, according to the Eastern teaching of Feng Shui, this interior detail possesses special power. It affects the atmosphere in the house as well as the lives of the people who live there.

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Image and setting

Paintings and photographs that should not be hung in the home because they contain negative energy:

Death-related aggression. Images of skulls, wilting flowers, weapons, grinning animals, destruction and chaos, and monsters, for example.

Photographs or portraits of the deceased (artists, singers, actors, scientists, relatives). Images of great people can be hung in the office and study, but not in the bedroom or other areas where people rest or spend the majority of their time.

Individual portraits and dramatic paintings (people, animals, insects, etc.).

Separately, there are glass-encased collections of dried insects. Some people use this type of decor, which appears to be a painting. Meanwhile, Eastern sages advise abandoning it. Such an object, like the image of the dead, carries negative, destructive energy. It is especially risky to keep the frame in the bedroom.

But what is useful to hang on the house’s wall:

Paintings made from stones, particularly amber. Decorative elements on the frame are also taken into account. This type of item is endowed with healing energy. It’s best to put it in the middle of the house or above the dining table.

Panel with gold-embroidered Chinese symbols. It carries a positive energy on its own, but before purchasing, it is important to learn what a specific symbol is useful for. Some are in charge of money, others of health, still others of love, and so on. Furthermore, interpretations differ even more within the same domain. This decorative element looks best when hung near the front door.

What cannot be hung by industry:

  • In the north – sunrise and sunset photos, paintings of red flowers;
  • Forest landscapes in the east;
  • Images depicting one or more of the two main objects, as well as portraits of children, in the south;
  • Paintings with perspective are popular in the West.

What can be hung by industry:

  • On the south and in the landscapes of the bedroom-mountains;
  • Images of water and vegetation, family photos, and embroidered paintings can be found in the east.
  • photographs of children in the west;
  • Images of the earth and planets can be found in the north.

Image selection guidelines

A few simple, but not always obvious, rules and recommendations will significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency:

The painting should please the person who owns it. Whatever it means in Feng Shui, whatever it is associated with in other people, only one thing is important: the owner of the house should feel pleasure and positive emotions when looking at it.

If it’s a gift, it has to be selfless and genuine. If the giver has a grudge against the owner of the house or wishes to curry favor with him, the picture will emit negative energy. Paintings torn from the heart and reluctantly presented have the same power.

Purchase conditions for a painting If it was purchased during a scandal, a quarrel, or when a person was in pain, the item becomes negatively charged. If the purchase was pleasurable and joyful, made during a happy time in one’s life, it is endowed with positive energy.

P.S.  If you decide to buy a canvas print, only buy from reputable sellers; I purchased mine from the Lavelart online store and was very pleased with it. The printed paintings look like originals – very bright and stylish.

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How To Set Up An Indoor BBQ For The Summer  





Summertime is all about relaxing, friends and family, and sharing good food and good times. One of the best things about summer is the grilling. There is nothing better than the smell of barbeque meat in the air. However, summer is also a time for sun exposure, which can lead to sunburned skin.

If you want to enjoy barbeque season without the hassle of sunburn and without spending too much time in the sun, read this article to learn how you can set up an indoor BBQ with minimal effort.

What are the benefits of an indoor BBQ?

Whether you live in the city or the country, an indoor barbecue is a great way to enjoy your summer. There are many benefits to having an indoor BBQ. First, it is great for the family to be able to enjoy the summer weather and cook food together. It is also a great way to spend time with friends and family on those hot summer days.

It is also a great way to cook food for parties and events. In addition, it is also a great way to keep your home cool during the summer. Lastly, it is a great way to cook food without a lot of mess.

How to set up an indoor BBQ

Setting up a BBQ is a fun and easy way to enjoy a summer afternoon. There are occasions though whether it is too hot or raining when you cannot enjoy your BBQ outside. This is when an indoor BBQ comes in handy. There are many things you will need to set up a great indoor BBQ, but this article will give you the information and knowledge you need to have a great time.

What is the equipment you will need

In order to set up an indoor barbecue, there are some things that you will need. The first thing you will need is an indoor smokeless grill. An electric grill can provide the great barbecue experience you want without having to tamper with smelly charcoal and messy propane tanks. There are many different models and features so make sure to take time to research before purchasing. Pat’s offers a great guide on what to look for in an indoor grill here. It will allow you to cook easily indoors and some models are versatile enough to be used inside and out.

The second thing you will need is of course some great meat for grilling. You can either buy some marinated or ready made burgers or steak, or you can be a bit adventurous, and try something new. This is the perfect time to try a new recipe that you have been thinking about.

If you are having guests that are vegetarians, you may also want to consider some non-meat courses. One of my favorites to make on the grill is a vegan quesadilla, you can get the recipe from this site. It is easy to make and tastes great.

For any successful barbecue you will also need some great side dishes. Whether your main course is chicken, turkey, or other meat you will want to have a wide selection of great side dishes. Many vegetables you can cook on your indoor grill . The best advice for these side dishes is to always stick with the classic.

Lastly, you will need a great beverage and wine to set the mood. Be sure to have a few different wines on your table so that you can sample a wide variety of wines. This will keep your guests happy and guessing what the next wine is going to taste like.



How long does it take to set up an indoor BBQ?

If you are in a hurry, and want to get your indoor BBQ up and running as soon as possible it will not take too long. If you already have grill tools on hand, then you can be grilling in no time at all.

A smokeless grill will usually come up to temperature within a few minutes of turning it on. This will vary by the model you have, but typically the temperature will reach 350 degrees in no more than 30 minutes. As an example, my Ninja Foodie grill takes approximately 10 minutes to reach 350 degrees.

Once your smokeless grill is up to temperature you can begin preheating your bbq cooker and start grilling on it as well. Once you are ready to eat you simply remove the meat from the grill and apply BBQ sauce or ketchup.

How to maintain an Electric BBQ Grill

Most indoor grills offer a non-stick surface so cleanup is usually a breeze. There are a few things that you will want to be careful about.

One thing to keep in mind is that some indoor grills may not handle the heat as well as an outdoor grill does. If you are attempting to cook a large steak, for instance, it would be best to cook it outdoors and then transfer it into the indoor grill for serving. Always use your indoor BBQ grill with care so that you do not ruin the non-stick surface or cause damage to the unit itself.

Are There Any Other Benefits to Using An Indoor Grill?

Grilling indoors during the summer is a great way to enjoy your BBQ without a lot of hassle. There are many other benefits to using an indoor grill.

Not only can you enjoy your food without the sun, but you can also avoid some of the bugs that come out at night. If you want to impress your guests with great grilled food, an indoor grille may be the perfect solution for you.

An indoor grill can also be healthier as many have features to drain and remove grease from the meat. This is a great feature for those who want to avoid consuming a lot of fats and oils. In addition, indoor grills do not generate a lot of smoke, so you will not have to worry about breathing in all that toxic smoke coming from an outdoor grill.


In conclusion, an indoor barbecue is a fantastic way to enjoy your summer. You get the great taste of barbecue without worrying about sunburn or sticking to your grill. It is also a great way to cook inside on those rainy or hot days that do not make grilling outside an option.

If you follow the tips in this article, and have all the right equipment, you will have a great time setting up your indoor grill and cooking some of your favorite meats at home.

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Use of Sugar in Baking





Sugar is undoubtedly the biggest part of what makes cakes so delicious and ultimately satisfies our sweet tooth. Its use exists with the use of flour, which is the ingredient. But do you know what it actually does and how it affects the baking process and ultimately the product itself? We are here to explain this topic.

What exactly is sugar?

Sugar is the common name for sweet soluble starch, mostly used in food. Table sugar, table sugar or table sugar denotes sucrose, a disaccharide made of glucose and fructose. In the United States, by law, sucrose is the primary substance that can be labeled as “sugar” in food names.

Basic sugars, also called monosaccharides, include glucose, fructose and galactose. Complex sugars, also called disaccharides or double sugars, are particles of two monosaccharides linked by a glycosidic bond. The main models are table sugar (glucose + fructose), lactose (glucose + galactose) and maltose (two glucose particles). Complex sugars are hydrolyzed to common sugars in the body.

Longer chains of monosaccharides are not considered sugars and are referred to as oligosaccharides or polysaccharides. Some other ingredients such as glycerin and sugar alcohol may taste sweet but are not labeled as sugar.

sugar effect

White granulated sugar not only adds sweetness, it also makes the cake browner (by caramelizing) and crunchier (by absorbing moisture into the dough). It also promotes spread as the sugar melts. The sugar content in most cookie dough recipes is so high that only about half of the sugar dissolves with stirring.

The four most common types of sugar used in baking homemade cakes:

  • Sugar. Granulated sugar (commonly called refined sugar, table sugar, or white sugar)
  • Brown sugar
  • Powdered sugar
  • Raw sugar

What effect does brown sugar have on cakes?

When we only use ground-colored sugar in our deli formula, delicacies have more moisture and tend to be tougher. Since the molasses in ground-colored sugar is also acidic, it reacts with heated soft drinks to aid growth. will be more swollen.

That’s because it contains molasses (about 10 percent molasses for light brown sugar and 20 percent for dark brown sugar).

Brown sugar is more commonly used in baking, while dark brown sugar, with its stronger molasses flavor, is great for topping steaks.

Which Brown Sugar is Better for Cakes?

Use more brown sugar than white sugar for a tougher, tastier cake. Medium Brown Sugar: In most recipes, brown sugar and heavy brown sugar are identical . While both would work in this chocolate chip cookie recipe, we like to use dark brown sugar for extra flavor as it contains a little more molasses.

Brittle sugar. When sugar is dissolved with other ingredients, it absorbs moisture, which slows down the production of gluten and starch. Sugar makes dough soft and crumbly rather than hard.

Caramelized sugar. When sugar is heated above its melting point, it turns golden or yellow. The coloring deepens the surface of the cake and makes the kitchen smell heavenly.

sugar rises. If the sugar melts (i.e., bakes) during cooking, the sugar in the batter will cause the cake to spread on the baking sheet or in the pan.

stable sugar. In foods that contain little or no fat (such as meringues), sugar helps a lot to speed up blood clotting.

Solution… How to choose?

Now that we’ve learned the main differences between the different types of sugar (well, the most popular and widely used around the world), it’s time to find out which one is best suited for your production process. The main question, of course, is: what are cookies best suited for? While we know there are thousands of different types of pastries in the world, even the most unusual or traditional recipes, we will help you understand the difference in combining sugar with your favorite recipe Sugar Cookies.

cane sugar

Cane sugar can add a deeper flavor to baked goods because it retains some of the molasses processed with granulated sugar. For starters, this will add more flavor to the sugar cake – a deeper flavour. Not a negative thing, but maybe some people don’t know it yet.


When the formula basically says “sugar,” you’re more likely to need granulated sugar. In some cases, granulated sugar is referred to as table sugar or white sugar and is a very fine sugar made from sticks or beets (all molasses normally present is removed).

If stored properly, the fine crystals in granulated sugar do not stick together, making them ideal for grading and heating slices of bread, snacks, cakes and pastries. Castor (or castor) or superfine sugar is even finer and breaks down in a fraction of a second.

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What are Intervention Addiction Rehab Services?





Just how do you go about getting one of your dearly beloved friends or family members to stop abusing drugs and alcohol addictively? This isn’t an easy or simple question, and just as the progression of addiction and alcoholism is a process, the answer to this complex question is a process as well. Intervention addiction rehab services are loving acts designed to confront the individual who is using drugs or alcohol addictively and express in a loving and concerned way the need for alcoholism intervention treatment. The thought of confronting an individual who is using drugs or drinking is a scary concept. However, addiction to drugs and alcohol never regresses. The disease of addiction will continue to feast upon the host until the end or unless it is stopped in its tracks.

To be on the outside looking in on your loved one slowly killing themselves with drugs and alcohol is more than frustrating and heartbreaking. But often, the fear of pushing the family member further away if alcoholism addiction intervention treatment is proposed will keep the affected family unit from pursuing intervention addiction rehab services. The misconception of what an intervention process consists of persists this fear and ultimately prevents both the addict and the family member from overcoming addiction and moving on with their lives. You don’t have to walk through this fear alone. Professional intervention addiction rehab services are here to help you determine the best course of action for delivering the option of addiction or alcoholism treatment for your family member or loved one.

When it comes to developing a plan for intervention, what is needed is complete unity between all affected family members and loved ones who want the addict to enter into professional treatment. The intervention addiction rehab services professionals create a safe environment for the family to discuss how to best stress to the addict the necessity of entering into treatment. Oftentimes, heartfelt pleas will be written ahead of time during the preparatory meetings leading up to the intervention, which will be read to the addict in an attempt to further drive home how life-threatening it is to deny professional help. After the formal intervention is complete, intervention treatment is available to immediately transport the individual entering into the program. All logistics regarding treatment acceptance are taken care of by our professional staff prior to the addiction intervention.

Waiting for your family member or loved one to hit “rock bottom” before reaching out to alcoholism addiction intervention treatment services can be dangerous. When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, consequences have very little impact on the individual’s decision-making to stop using drugs or alcohol. Most men and women who have become addicted require some sort of professional support to begin their journey towards sobriety, which is what rehab services are available for. Professional interventionists are available to help guide your loved one toward a lifestyle of sobriety at any point in their addiction. Your loved one will forever be grateful for the step you are taking toward helping them recover.

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