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Top 10 wooden garages: which garage should it be for your car?



wooden garages

wooden garages

The cold and wet weather has already made itself comfortable in our latitudes and will not say goodbye soon. It brings with it dirt, frozen windows and much more. You don’t feel like doing that this year? We can understand that very well! That is why today we are introducing our top 10 wooden garages for your vehicle. Maybe there is the right model for you! We hope you enjoy browsing.

Dillon wooden garage

The wooden garage Dillon by Lasita Maja not only protects your vehicle, but is also a real eye-catcher. Due to its design, one could think at first glance that it is a chic garden house. However, the wooden garage not only looks good, it is also ideally designed to protect your car. Your optimal size guarantees enough. In addition, there is a second entrance door on the side of the wooden garage, which can be used wonderfully as an exit and entrance to your house.

Profile of variant one

  • Size: 340 x 580 cm
  • Material: spruce wood

Special features

  • The appropriate roofing felt is already included in the scope of delivery
  • Log planks made of solid spruce wood

Double garage model D-70 ISO

Are you looking for a wooden garage with more space? No problem for us. The double garage model D-70 from Alpholz made of 70 mm thick wooden planks offers enough space for two large vehicles and the associated accessories. Inside the garage, the height of the roof structure and the windows give the feeling of a beautiful large room. Due to this size and brightness, the wooden garage is also suitable as an event location when celebrations are pending.

Profile of variant one

  • Size: 595 x 530 cm
  • Material: spruce wood

Special features

  • Including internal threaded rods as storm protection
  • Reversed assembly is possible

Wooden garage with carport 44 ISO

A wooden garage, a carport, or maybe both? Are you still not sure which of the two it should be? Then we have a suggested solution for you here, the wooden garage with carport 44 ISO. It offers you two parking spaces for your car, one in the spacious wooden garage and right next to it under the matching carport. The many windows make the garage very bright and complement the open design of the wooden garage combination.

Profile of variant one

  • Size: 685 x 575 cm
  • Material: spruce wood

Special features

  • Including ventilation grille set for better air circulation in the wooden garage
  • Windows and doors can also be mounted on the outside wall

Log garage 28 mm with gable roof

The compact log garage 28 mm with a gable roof from Karibu is perfect for small properties. With its three meters wide and five meters long, it can be perfectly positioned in small driveways and offers protection and space for a car, a motorcycle or your garden tools.

Profile of variant one

  • Size: 297 x 447 cm
  • Material: spruce wood

Special features

  • Classic design with a gable roof
  • Double-wing garage door including security robbery

Wooden garage with flat roof model C-44 ISO

This modern wooden garage model C-44 ISO from Alpholz offers a slightly different design. With the modern flat roof, the stylish windows and door elements as well as the wooden elements, the garage looks like a pleasant mixture of classic and modern. It has enough space for your vehicle and the appropriate accessories.

Profile of variant one

  • Size: 380 x 568 cm
  • Material: spruce wood

Special features

  • Modern design
  • The wooden garage includes storm protection

Rasmus wooden garage

The Rasmus wooden garage with the flat roof by Palmako is similar to the model just presented. In addition to its modern design, the wooden garage offers a large floor area of ​​19.9 m². Thanks to this large number of square meters, there is still enough space in the garage for other things that need to be protected from wind and weather despite the car. Another possibility to use the remaining space would be a small workbench corner or a small fitness studio.

Profile of variant one

  • Size: 598 x 410 cm
  • Material: spruce wood

Special features

  • A large area that can also be used as a hobby room
  • High-quality material

Wooden garage model A-44 ISO

Do you like things tidy and would you like a garage for your car? How about this classic model with hinged doors from the Alpholz brand? The strength of the wooden garage model A-44 ISO is its width. With a width of almost 4 meters, you can park and get out in a relaxed manner. The garage can also impress with its brightness. The large double window and the door equipped with windows ensure a nicely lit room.

Profile of variant one

  • Size: 380 x 568 cm
  • Material: spruce wood

Special features

  • Large double window with aluminum water bar
  • Glazing of doors and windows made of insulating glass

Double garage with carport model Falun-44

The Falun-44-ISO model from Alpholz offers a slightly different structure. This wooden garage with a carport offers space for a total of four cars plus accessories. Two cars can be accommodated in the garage and two under the carport integrated in front of the garage. The classic, rustic design of the wooden garage with a carport is also very appealing and gives your property that certain something.

Profile of variant one

  • Size: 595 x 1076 cm
  • Material: spruce wood

Special features

  • High quality, for example with the gates, these are equipped with high quality embedded door hinges
  • Solid wood roof made of tongue and groove boards

Double garage model D

With the wooden garage model D by Tene Kaubandus, we would like to present you again a classic model of a double garage with a gable roof. The wooden garage offers enough space for two vehicles and the appropriate accessories. Due to the length of the garage, other objects, such as a lawnmower or the like, can also be accommodated in the garage and thus protected from the weather.

Profile of variant one

  • Size: 649 x 565 cm
  • Material: spruce wood

Special features

  • Glazing of doors and windows made of real glass
  • high-quality single door with glued wood frame

Special: robot lawn mower garage 367

The company WEKA has come up with a slightly different wooden garage. With its wooden garage 367, with an area of ​​0.3 m², there is no space for a car, but for your robot lawnmower. This is perfectly protected from the cold season in the wooden garage and in summer your little helper has a permanent place in the garden.

Profile of variant one

  • Size: 80 x 87 cm
  • Material: spruce wood

Special features

  • Easy access to the robotic lawnmower via a removable roof
  • The wooden garage is delivered including bitumen roof shingles (anthracite)

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Characteristics of a High-Quality Sushi or Sashimi Counter or Restaurant





Thinking of having sushi or sashimi for dinner or lunch? What a great idea! But when you start searching up sushi places near you, how do you know if a restaurant or sushi counter is high quality or if it’s somewhere you should avoid? Of course, you should always take a gander at the reviews of any restaurant or sushi counter you’re going to try for the first time, but there are some other ways to tell if the sushi or sashimi counter  you’re visiting is authentic and therefore a “good” place for sushi.

Fish Cut to Order

An important characteristic of a high-quality sushi and sashimi restaurant or counter is that the fish is sliced to order. In other words, it isn’t sitting around in a display case all day waiting for someone to order it. The reason for waiting to cut the fish until it’s ordered is that the skin protects the flesh and helps it retain its flavor. As soon as the flesh is exposed to the air, it begins the process of oxidation and when the fat layer that sits right below the skin is oxidized, even the most flavorful of fish will begin to lose its flavor.

On large fish, the skin should be kept on while the fish is being sliced so that it continues to protect the flesh until the very last moment before it is served. This ensures that the customer gets the freshest, most flavorful sushi possible. This doesn’t mean that a place that has sushi or sashimi in a display case isn’t selling fresh sushi. It’s likely that those are there to show customers what they can get and they actually cut the sushi fresh before it’s served. You can always ask your server to find out for sure.

Sliced Properly

Sushi and sashimi should also be sliced properly according to the type of fish being served. For white fish with firm flesh, servers should use the sogigiri technique. This cutting style keeps the fish as thin as possible and is achieved by holding the knife at an angle and cutting a thin slice of fish off the end of a cutting board. A chef will use a thin, sharp knife to make sure they can cut the fish as thin as possible without it falling apart.

Fish that are more delicate in nature, including tuna, the hirazukuri cutting method should be used. This method cuts the fish in thicker segments so that the flesh stays together after it has been sliced. It also allows the full flavor and texture of sashimi to be enjoyed in a single bite.

Rice is Proportional

Even though the amount of fish in a single piece of sushi is fairly small, you don’t want to have a disproportionate amount of rice hiding the fish’s flavor. Since the fish is the expensive part of the dish, some sushi places try to save money by giving you a very small piece of fish and a lot of rice. Professional chefs typically recommend approximately 80 or 90 grams of rice per sushi roll, but this can vary based on the type of fish used. This recommendation makes it difficult to determine by a piece of sushi if the proportion is correct, so you might have to taste the sushi before determining if the restaurant or sushi counter is using a proper balance of rice and fish.


Certainly, the best way to tell if a sushi or sashimi restaurant or counter is of high quality is to try it yourself. You may discover that a restaurant that isn’t very popular among the majority of diners is just what you’ve been looking for. Be adventurous and visit several sushi and sashimi places to determine which one is your favorite.

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How To Set Up An Indoor BBQ For The Summer  





Summertime is all about relaxing, friends and family, and sharing good food and good times. One of the best things about summer is the grilling. There is nothing better than the smell of barbeque meat in the air. However, summer is also a time for sun exposure, which can lead to sunburned skin.

If you want to enjoy barbeque season without the hassle of sunburn and without spending too much time in the sun, read this article to learn how you can set up an indoor BBQ with minimal effort.

What are the benefits of an indoor BBQ?

Whether you live in the city or the country, an indoor barbecue is a great way to enjoy your summer. There are many benefits to having an indoor BBQ. First, it is great for the family to be able to enjoy the summer weather and cook food together. It is also a great way to spend time with friends and family on those hot summer days.

It is also a great way to cook food for parties and events. In addition, it is also a great way to keep your home cool during the summer. Lastly, it is a great way to cook food without a lot of mess.

How to set up an indoor BBQ

Setting up a BBQ is a fun and easy way to enjoy a summer afternoon. There are occasions though whether it is too hot or raining when you cannot enjoy your BBQ outside. This is when an indoor BBQ comes in handy. There are many things you will need to set up a great indoor BBQ, but this article will give you the information and knowledge you need to have a great time.

What is the equipment you will need

In order to set up an indoor barbecue, there are some things that you will need. The first thing you will need is an indoor smokeless grill. An electric grill can provide the great barbecue experience you want without having to tamper with smelly charcoal and messy propane tanks. There are many different models and features so make sure to take time to research before purchasing. Pat’s offers a great guide on what to look for in an indoor grill here. It will allow you to cook easily indoors and some models are versatile enough to be used inside and out.

The second thing you will need is of course some great meat for grilling. You can either buy some marinated or ready made burgers or steak, or you can be a bit adventurous, and try something new. This is the perfect time to try a new recipe that you have been thinking about.

If you are having guests that are vegetarians, you may also want to consider some non-meat courses. One of my favorites to make on the grill is a vegan quesadilla, you can get the recipe from this site. It is easy to make and tastes great.

For any successful barbecue you will also need some great side dishes. Whether your main course is chicken, turkey, or other meat you will want to have a wide selection of great side dishes. Many vegetables you can cook on your indoor grill . The best advice for these side dishes is to always stick with the classic.

Lastly, you will need a great beverage and wine to set the mood. Be sure to have a few different wines on your table so that you can sample a wide variety of wines. This will keep your guests happy and guessing what the next wine is going to taste like.



How long does it take to set up an indoor BBQ?

If you are in a hurry, and want to get your indoor BBQ up and running as soon as possible it will not take too long. If you already have grill tools on hand, then you can be grilling in no time at all.

A smokeless grill will usually come up to temperature within a few minutes of turning it on. This will vary by the model you have, but typically the temperature will reach 350 degrees in no more than 30 minutes. As an example, my Ninja Foodie grill takes approximately 10 minutes to reach 350 degrees.

Once your smokeless grill is up to temperature you can begin preheating your bbq cooker and start grilling on it as well. Once you are ready to eat you simply remove the meat from the grill and apply BBQ sauce or ketchup.

How to maintain an Electric BBQ Grill

Most indoor grills offer a non-stick surface so cleanup is usually a breeze. There are a few things that you will want to be careful about.

One thing to keep in mind is that some indoor grills may not handle the heat as well as an outdoor grill does. If you are attempting to cook a large steak, for instance, it would be best to cook it outdoors and then transfer it into the indoor grill for serving. Always use your indoor BBQ grill with care so that you do not ruin the non-stick surface or cause damage to the unit itself.

Are There Any Other Benefits to Using An Indoor Grill?

Grilling indoors during the summer is a great way to enjoy your BBQ without a lot of hassle. There are many other benefits to using an indoor grill.

Not only can you enjoy your food without the sun, but you can also avoid some of the bugs that come out at night. If you want to impress your guests with great grilled food, an indoor grille may be the perfect solution for you.

An indoor grill can also be healthier as many have features to drain and remove grease from the meat. This is a great feature for those who want to avoid consuming a lot of fats and oils. In addition, indoor grills do not generate a lot of smoke, so you will not have to worry about breathing in all that toxic smoke coming from an outdoor grill.


In conclusion, an indoor barbecue is a fantastic way to enjoy your summer. You get the great taste of barbecue without worrying about sunburn or sticking to your grill. It is also a great way to cook inside on those rainy or hot days that do not make grilling outside an option.

If you follow the tips in this article, and have all the right equipment, you will have a great time setting up your indoor grill and cooking some of your favorite meats at home.

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Wedding Day Planning Tips to Make the Occasion a Success





Did you know that couples and wedding planners spend 200 to 300 hours preparing for the wedding? Depending on the size, location, and dreams of your wedding, there are many things to take care of.

If you are getting married soon or want to help a friend prepare for theirs, there are certain steps you should follow. Continue reading to discover some of the best wedding day planning tips and tricks that will make your day magical!

Make a Plan

The first step to wedding day planning is identifying what you want and how you will get it.

You can set goals and plans for your wedding at this point to start getting the ball rolling. Keep in mind that your goals and plan should be realistic and achievable. You should start looking at the prices of venues you are considering to determine if you can afford that option or if you need to go another route.

Think about where you want the wedding to be, who you want there, and how you picture the ceremony and reception going. It is okay if some of the details are vague at this point.

Set a Budget

Once you have a plan being developed you can start thinking about your budget and prepare financially.

Take a look at your income and the extra money that you and your significant other have each month. Determine how much money you want to put towards wedding expenses and do your best to stick with your money-saving goals.

You shouldn’t be putting all of your savings and disposable income towards the wedding. Otherwise, you could be unprepared for accidents or job loss. Always make sure that you leave some cushion so that you don’t go broke.

Consider Your Wedding Day Meal Plan

Have you started thinking about cocktail hour snacks, dinner, and wedding cake options?

The wedding day meal plan is an important step of planning that you must take some time to organize. By working with vendors you can create a menu that is unique to your tastes and will satisfy guests.

Many people are getting wedding cupcakes towers instead of cakes because they are easier to distribute and are fun to eat. You should also think about those with limited diets, including a vegetarian option might be a good idea.

Keep Your Guest List Light

If you want to know how to plan a wedding day that isn’t swamped with people, keep your guest list light.

The smaller the guest list, the easier it will be to accommodate everyone’s needs. Having fewer guests attending the wedding will also save you money in the long run.

Think about family members and friends that you definitely want at the wedding. If you have someone on the list that you haven’t spoken to in years, consider leaving them off the list and sending them a note. A smaller wedding is often more intimate and casual.

Ask for Professional Help

No matter what point you are at in the wedding planning process, there is always someone that you can ask for help from.

Professional wedding planners, vendors, and stylists are at your disposal waiting to help you with any issues that come up. Getting professional help can save you time and money, it can also prevent frustration when dealing with all of the details.

Wedding professionals often have inside connections and resources that they are willing to share. These resources can resolve issues that you didn’t think you could overcome and you don’t have to worry about managing everything.

Notify Guests With Plenty of Time

When it comes to wedding planning, you will want to ensure that you give your guests enough notice of the wedding.

Guests may have to take off work or find a babysitter for your wedding. The sooner you can get your wedding day details out, the sooner you can find out how many people will be attending.

Waiting until the last minute to notify guests of the wedding could put you in a situation where you overspend and overcompensate. Be prepared for guests to decline the invite, even with notification in advance.

Determine If Kids Are Welcome

If you want to save money and make things go smoothly at your wedding, you will need to determine if kids are allowed.

Most people recommend allowing kids to the ceremony and not the reception. Reception parties can get crazy and be overwhelming when kids are running all over the place. If you want to save money, notify guests that only adults are welcome.

This is becoming a common trend with weddings because there are fewer details to consider. Without kids at the wedding, you won’t have to ensure they are kept busy with toys and games or that they like the food options.

Be In the Moment

When planning a wedding, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the tiny details.

Being in the moment can help keep you level-headed and appreciating each step of the way. Losing yourself in wedding planning can lead to disappointment if things don’t go exactly how you planned. Instead of letting the small things get to you, take a deep breath and remember the love you have for your fiance.

Don’t be afraid to take time away from everyone to relax and unwind. This will make the memory of your wedding much happier and not as exhausting.

Crush Your Wedding Day Planning

There are many steps to consider when dealing with wedding day planning.

By utilizing this guide, you can stay on track with planning and always be prepared for the next steps. These tips can help you take care of the most important factors that guests and you will notice on the big day.

Don’t forget to take time for yourself and be in the moment. This will make the memory of your wedding much happier.

Be sure to check out the rest of our blog for more articles about how to plan a wedding day and incorporate delicious foods!

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